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Our story

After living in the Central Florida community for more than 40 years, our family has witnessed incredible changes. We have watched the people who built this great community grow, flourish, and now, unfortunately, age. Part of the reason we developed Florida Home Companion, LLC is to serve the people who became part of our "family" throughout the years.

And, like all families, we’ve had aging parents. Most recently, our grandmother living in San Francisco began to age rapidly when she turned 90. Her health began to deteriorate and when she began showing the early signs of dementia, we knew we needed help. The nearest relative lived over an hour away. We were very lucky to find caregivers who could handle a lot of the day-to-day chores, which allowed us to spend meaningful time visiting with her instead of scurrying around getting her medications in order, changing her linens, or making her meals. Those caregivers provided us "peace of mind" since our family couldn’t physically be there 24 hours a day.

Around the same time, we were invited to volunteer at a few assisted living facilities and nursing homes in the Central Florida area. It was an eye opening experience. We realized that even at the best facilities, it’s just not feasible for each client to have a constant, dedicated staff member. Obviously, different clients will have different needs. Some will only need a caregiver for a few hours to spend time with them, while others need 24 hour care. Each client is unique. We also realized that many people still wanted to live in their homes for as long as possible and would only move to a facility when it was absolutely necessary. For some, living at home is only possible with additional caregivers outside of the family assisting with all daily activities.

Through our volunteer experiences, we noticed that the individuals doing the best were the ones with a personal caregiver who made sure that they ate, were bathing, and taking the proper dosage of medicine. In addition, these caregivers were interacting with their clients, keeping them physically and mentally active.

It was at this point we decided to provide a service that could help people find caring individuals for their loved ones, just as we had for our loved ones. For us, it’s a personal business. Our caregivers help our clients live longer, better and they relieve family members who often have jobs, kids, and might live far away.

Our goal is to find caregivers who not only help your family, but are so wonderful that you would gladly make them part of it.

Our vision

We aim to provide the same level of care that we would want for our loved ones. We do this through a strict hiring process where we look for individuals who not only are licensed professionals, but are a pleasure to have around family and your loved ones. All of our caregivers have passed state mandated background checks, personal reference checks with previous employers, and a skill review from our head Registered Nurse.

We offer extremely competitive pricing for elder care services because we are owner operators and do not operate under a franchised name that requires royalty payments. This allows us to pass on those savings onto you.

Please call us with all questions and we’ll be happy to meet with you at the hospital, home or facility at no additional cost and at your convenience. Our family looks forward to caring for you and your family.